We are proud to introduce to you our most favorite animal charity, which we are active
supporters of Dog Valley Rescue Center.

Dog Valley Rescue Center
rescued dogs shelter in Limassol (Fasouri)

It was founded in March 2015 in Cyprus and is located in Limassol area, Fasouri village. You can find the exact location here.

This animal rescue charity is presented by a community of positive animal lovers, coming together in order to create a happier life for the dogs which end up in the Shelter.

The main goal for these people is to strive towards the best for the shelter, always keeping in their hearts and minds the sole beneficiaries of their cause: the dogs.

“The hope never dies and if it does, her sister called Love opens her eyes.
In Cyprus every year 200 000 dogs are abandoned.
When You ADOPT one You SAVE another.
In Dog Valley Rescue Center only 75 hearts are being loved but more hearts outside
are waiting to be rescued.
More Adopted Dogs means more Rescued Dogs”

Ακολουθούν Ελληνικά ~ If i could be anything in this world, i would still choose to be Me ~“If i was in a house with a big garden, i would run around all day. If i was part of a family with children, i would hug and kiss them.If i had a comfy bed, i would sleep like a king.If i went on a Sunday walk, i would be in all the family photos.If i was at the New Years Eve table, i would certainly eat whatever Grandpa would sneak under the table.Seeing you come home from work, I would jump around with joy.If i had a couch, i would sit with daddy and watch football, even though I wouldn’t know what football was.And if i had some toys, i would chew them to bits from excitement.If i had a dog collar, it would have your telephone number on it, even though I wouldn’t know the numbers.If i had the time to run for hours, i would looove beaches and parks.If i sat on the front seat of your car, i would poke my head outside the window for the whole ride.And if you went away for a holidays, i’d miss you even more every day.Wish i had a forever home.. but I’m still here.If only they loved me more, but they had enough of me.If they had a bigger heart, but all they did was hurt me.Or maybe if they were patient enough…. but i was so energetic.I would still be a part of the family, if it wasn’t for the new baby.If I was given the option to stop loving, I would choose to love more ! "Dogs love, forgive, and most importantly…. they always wait.Please give a second chance to an innocent soul who only knows how to love.(Thank you to the team of Erasmus Plus Project )" Αν μπορούσα να ήμουν κάποιος άλλος, θα ημουν και πάλι Εγώ…Αν ήμουν σ'ένα σπίτι με μεγάλο κήπο, θα έτρεχα όλο το απόγευμα μέχρι να λαχανιασω. Αν ήμουν μέλος μια οικογένειας με παιδιά, θα τους φιλουσα τα προσωπάκια. Αν είχα βαμβακερό κρεβάτι, θα ξάπλωνα σαν πασάς.Αν πήγαινα βόλτες τις Κυριακές, θα ήμουν μέρος της οικογενειακής φωτογραφίας.Αν ήμουν κάτω από το τραπέζι παραμονή πρωτοχρονιάς, θα έτρωγα το κομμάτι από κρέας που θα έριχνε διακριτικά ο παππούς. Αν ερχόσουν σπίτι μετά τη δουλειά, θα σε καλωσορίζα κάθε μέρα. Αν είχα καναπέ, θα ξάπλωνα με το μπαμπά βλέποντας ποδόσφαιρο,και ας μην ξέρω τι σημαίνει ποδόσφαιρο.Αν είχα παιχνίδια, θα τα κατέστρεφα όλα από χαρά. Αν είχα κολάρο, θα έγραφε το τηλέφωνο σου και ας μην ξέρω αριθμούς.Αν είχα χρόνο να τρέξω για ώρες, θα μου άρεσε η παραλία και το πάρκο.Αν ήμουν στο μπροστινό κάθισμα, θα έβγαζα το κεφαλάκι μου έξω από το παράθυρο σε όλη τη διαδρομή.Αν έφευγες για διακοπές, θα ανυπομονούσα να σε δω κάθε μέρα και πιο πολύ.Αν είχα παντοτινο σπίτι, έλα όμως που είμαι εδώ. Αν με αγαπούσαν περισσότερο, έλα όμως που με βαρέθηκαν.Αν είχαν παραπάνω καρδιά, έλα όμως που με χτυπούσαν.Αν δεν ήμουν τόσο μικρός, έλα όμως που μεγάλωσα.Αν είχαν περισσότερη υπομονή, έλα όμως που είχα ενέργεια.Αν ήμουν ακόμα μέλος της οικογένειας, έλα όμως που δεν με θέλουν εξαετίας του νέου παιδιού.Αν ήμουν καλύτερος κυνηγός, έλα όμως που προτιμούσα τα χάδια.Αν μπορούσα να μην αγαπώ, θα αγαπούσα περισσότερο! "Αγαπούν, συγχωρούν, και περιμένουν….Δώσε μια δεύτερη ευκαιρία σε μια αθώα ψυχή που δεν ξέρει τίποτε άλλο παρά να αγαπά.(Ιδιαίτερες ευχαριστίες στην ομάδα του Erasmus Plus Project)

Geplaatst door Dog Valley Rescue Centre op Woensdag 25 september 2019

The first time we came to the shelter to walk dogs, the people working there have made us feel welcome and were very friendly. We did not expect such pleasant environment there,  but we’ve felt that we have known these people for years. We started to come again and again for dog walks whenever we had the opportunity. Just think – there are
75 dogs in kennels and it is not possible for the shelter volunteers to walk them one by one very often. The dogs have an open space area within the shelter where they can play, but most of the time they are in the kennels. We like to provide at least some affordable donations and dog walks to make these dogs happier. But the main thing we
would like to help with is finding them loving homes as soon as possible.

After a couple of years this activity encouraged us to create our pet store website  to be able to provide more valuable donations to the shelter, which from time to time is struggling to pay their vet costs and maintenance costs for keeping dogs healthy and safe. But the main thing, we would like to help the dogs to find the loving home as soon as possible. For this reason we will keep our blog and Facebook page updated with more information on the dogs available in this shelter to help them find their loving family and to save much more, who are waiting outside.

Whenever you are looking for anything for your pets or home, please check our products and offers first This will allow us to make a difference, in providing a quality life to these dogs, and will allow you to take part in their lives too.

In order to find a suitable future forever home for the dogs, the members of the shelter with all seriousness consider the candidates who wish to adopt a dog. All dogs are given only with an adoption package and prior to adoption – the potential family gets a home check.

You may find more information on the dogs available for adoption and to know more about their day-to day life in caring and rescue the dogs and their current needs on their Facebook page:

Another way to make a change is to sponsor a dog you like on a monthly basis as low as 65 eurocents a day. The shelter posts about dogs in need of sponsorships and you can choose the one/ ones you like most.

If you wish to donate, you can do it directly by a bank transfer to the following bank requisites opened under the name of the shelter below:

Beneficiary -Dog Valley Rescue Center
Bank name- Bank of Cyprus
IBAN CY89002001950000357021208553


use Paypal account for donation – [email protected]

All financial proceedings and accounts (donations, income, expenditure) are audited and crystal clear.

So, please if you make a donation towards the dogs and Dog Valley Rescue Center -please always ask for a receipt.

In case of any questions, you may contact Dog Valley Rescue Center directly through messenger, by phone or by email:


Email: [email protected]

Call +357 99 799699

The committee, the numerous members involved and all the dogs at Dog Valley Rescue Center
thanks everyone for endless support and devotion. Your help into paving the road for the dogs to walk towards a brighter future is most appreciated and essential to keep them moving forward.

Thank you on behalf of Dog Valley Rescue Center
Thank you on behalf of Dog Valley Rescue Center
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