❗”NO” or ❗”FU”❓-Dog training from personal experience👩

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🧐What should you do if every rustle outside constantly triggers your dog to start barking ?

🙄What should you do if your dog ignores your commands and continues to tear, nibble and break things in your house?

🤷‍♀️What should you do if you have a reactive dog?

This is not an uncommon thing, although frequently such behaviors stem from either breed characteristics or poor training techniques. In any case, we will have to go back to the already written article and talk again about the prohibition commands and the rules of behavior of the owner and the dog.

👩Let’s talk about such prohibiting terms as ❌“No!”and ❌“Fu!”

Both commands are forbidding❌, but their influence on the dog is different, and they are used in different situations.
1️⃣The command “No!”-can be given in any case, when you do not want the dog to perform some action. For example, the dog went right, and you command ❗“No!” and pull the leash in the direction you need. This is a command of medium severity.

2️⃣The command ❗❗“Fu!” is the strictest order, which can be followed by more severe punishment, the dog must understand this. The most interesting thing is that even street dogs that do not understand anything in the commands always remain obedient, when the forbidding “Fu!” command is spoken CORRECTLY (the command is delivered in a formidable, loud voice, there is a sharp exhalation through the lips folded by the “tube”, and the sound should be similar to the sniffing of a huge cat; the louder, sharper and sudden the sound is pronounced by the owner, the higher the effect on the dog.)

Example: In the evening I am walking with my beloved dog 🐶 along the street. Suddenly, a street dog runs up and starts loudly barking at us. I sharply shout “Fu!” And the dog is silent immediately, baffled by who made the sound, me or my Japanese Chin dog. Once again, a sharp “Fu!” and the street dog leaves.

Another example: I walk past the owner with a🐕 staf. He barks loudly at us. The owner stands staring at his phone and does not pay attention to the barking of his dog. I say my loved “Fu!”, the dog immediately goes quiet.
Another Yorkie breed dog barks at a cat, which he cornered onto a tree, while the owner talks to her friend, indifferent to what is happening, sometimes shouting “Stop it already! Well, Masya, Stop it! ”(I am marveled at such commands and such education !!!!!!!)

We were walking our Chin doggie nearby. I shout from the bushes “Fu!” sharply and loudly, and York immediately fell silent.

Here we also need to talk about the behavior of the owners of such bad mannered dogs. The dog is not to blame, this is her instinct. But the owner is fully responsible for the behavior of the dog on a walk.

My friend complains: I am walking with my Dalmatians on the street, and one negligent dog owner , teaches her little dog to bark at the Dalmatians !!!!!!! Well, you can’t behave like that, dear dog lovers !!!!!!! Let’s respect each other and educate our dogs properly!

❌Never let your dog bark at other dogs or cats! For this, there is a tough and sharp command ❗“Fu!”, And you need to sharply pull the leash. With aggressive breeds, a tough, chain collar is used in such cases until the dog is accustomed to follow your commands. Then the chain collar is changed to a normal one, and the dog remains obedient and well-mannered.

✅To summarize our conversation: in any case, when you need the dog to stop doing something that doesn’t suit you, that you don’t like, you need to say the command ❗“FU!” rather than ❗“No!”

By A.G.

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