At Robert’s Dog Sanctuary there are 65 dogs 🐕🐕today who wait in anticipation of loving homes. Many have been rescued from suffering on the streets as a result of being dumped by their owners. All are deserving of a forever home and the process is a lot easier than you think.

🙋‍♀️We would like to introduce you another animal welfare organisation we chose to support which is Roberts Dog Sanctuary🐕.

Roberts Dog Sanctuary is a voluntary organisation that is dedicated to improve the lives of stray dogs in Cyprus🇨🇾. They are giving care and a home🏡 to abandoned dogs! The shelter is located in Kantou , small village in Limassol area of Cyprus, close to Episkopi and Souni.

They do not just collect the sheer mass of poor abandoned animals, they make them feel at home🏡. They work day and night to make dog lives a little better, their winters a little warmer, their food bowls a little more nourishing. Roberts Dog Sanctuary try to re-home as many of beloved doggies, making room for new four-legged friends. But before they go to new families, they do everything in their power to make the dogs your perfect companions😻.

Roberts Dog Sanctuary is not funded or sponsored by the government, relying solely on the kind hearts of volunteers. This limits🙁 their capacity to take in all who need help. Yet, they try, maintaining now 65 dogs⬇️.

Wagging tails dogs enjoying front yardMore wagging tails – join us and visit our dogs

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Gladly, they have several individuals🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ that are committed to this noble cause and they help in whichever way they can. All dogs are well mannered, loving people 😻especially children, and looking forward for their human-friends to take them for a walk.

Dog Walks🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🐕🐕 are important opportunities for them to collect much needed funds💰. For this reason an Entrance fee of 5 Euro per person applies⬇️:

The weather is perfect in Kantou now at 12.30…Warm and sunny!

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They have also some memory T-shirts and Baseball Caps for sale.

At Robert’s Dog Sanctuary there are 65 dogs 🐕🐕today who wait in anticipation of loving homes. Many have been rescued from suffering on the streets as a result of being dumped by their owners. All are deserving of a forever home and the process is a lot easier than you think.
Search the albums on their facebook page to find the perfect companion for your home🏡 and family, find the dog you like to adopt:

We thank everyone who wants to adopt a rescue💓. They will help you every step of the way. Please click on “Dogs for Adoption” to see all dogs🐕🐕 ready for adoption!

In order to find a suitable future forever home for the dogs, the members of the shelter with all seriousness consider the candidates who wish to adopt a dog. All dogs are given only with an adoption package⚠️ and prior to adoption – the potential family gets a home check.

Another way to make a change is to sponsor a dog 💰you like⬇️

on a monthly basis as low as 😻30 Eur per month. The shelter posts about dogs in need of sponsorships and you can choose the one/ ones you like most.If you wish to donate💰, you can do it directly by a bank transfer to the following bank requisites opened under the name of the shelter below⬇️:

Beneficiary -Robert Dog Sanctuary
Bank name- RCB Bank Ltd
IBAN -CY13 1260 0000 0000 0000 1707 7001


Paypal account for donation – ⬇️[email protected]

All financial proceedings and accounts (donations, income, expenditure) are audited and crystal clear😃.

In case of any questions, you may contact Robert Dog Sanctuary directly through messenger, by phone or by email:
Messenger: ⬇️
Email:➡️ [email protected]
Telephone:➡️ +357 99977401

We, Roberts Dog Sanctuary management and the numerous members and volunteers involved and all the dogs at Roberts Dog Sanctuary thanks everyone for endless support and devotion😍💓. Your help🤝 into paving the road for the dogs to walk towards a brighter future is most appreciated and essential to keep them moving forward. 🐕🐕

Alternative way to help raise the funds for Roberts Dog Sanctuary is to purchase from our website for your own pets need or even for your home and family. We have lots of products you will like.You may refer while ordering that you want to fund this animal charity so the income funds from the purchase will be accounted in favor of Roberts Dog Sanctuary.

👍Thank you in advance on behalf of Robert Dog Sanctuary for any support 🐶😊

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