What do you know about the Breed as Dogo Argentino?

Dogo Argentino - What you should know!
Dogo Argentino-What you should know!


TheĀ Dogo ArgentinoĀ was originated inĀ Argentina. Sometimes calledĀ theĀ Argentinian Mastiff or the Argentino Dogo, is a strong, athletic, and loyal breed. They can be both fierce hunters and gentle protectors of their humans. They have a high prey drive, a strong will, and, at times, a distrust of strangers and other animals, all of which require an experienced dog owner to handle the breed.

With proper training, they can make an awesome family companion and watchdog.

DogoĀ  Argentino is a super dog which is:

-Loyal and Courage- TheĀ Dogo isĀ affectionateĀ and loyal with his owners. TheĀ breed is beloved for its loyalty and courage. Dogo ArgentinoĀ is a loyal breed with a tendency to be highly territorial, making them excellent watchdogs.

-Loving-Ā  He/She is the sweetest,Ā lovingĀ and most gentle dogĀ  you ever meet- you will hear these words from many Dogo owners

-Family dog- generally has a happy disposition, and it is fiercely loyal to its human family. Ā With the right training and a good, loving home, the Dogo Argentino can make a courageous and dedicated family companion, as well as an excellent watchdog.

-children loving dog- Dogo Argentinos are very loyal to their families, including children, so long as they are introduced and accustomed to their presence. However, visiting children may present a bit more of a challenge, as this breed does not naturally take to strangers. Children should always be supervised with dogs, even when they are family, and they should be trained on how to interact with animals to avoid incidents.

-sweet personality dog- They are full of personality, and will youĀ loveĀ Dogo for it! They are a cheerful andĀ affectionateĀ family companion.

-Protection- They are fierce defenders of their humanĀ families, even children, though their strong prey drive makes them poor companions for other animals like cats or smallerĀ dogs. A tall, strong fence for the yard is a must, or else the Dogo Argentino’s prey drive can lead them to chase small animals or wander. They may learn to interact with these animals if they are trained and socialized properly, but this breed is best suited to a home that has no other pets or only has other large dogs.

-No smell- Their short coats are easy to groom.

-Intelligent and Easy to train- The Dogo Argentino is an intelligent breed. Dogos are easy to train if you are consistent, using loving but firm authority.Ā  These dogs love to learn and pick up new commands relatively quickly compared to similar breeds and enjoys leaning up against his favorite people for plenty of petting and love.Ā  Dog owners should take advantage of this intelligence. Starting training early helps ensure that your dog develops positive behavior.

Independent– They are independent dogs that need an experienced owner to handle their training needs, especially when it comes to socialization, as the Dogo Argentino is known for being less than welcoming to strangers and other dogs. But it will be dependent on the environment and training they got when they were puppies. The dog who grew up in the loving family with other dogs and even cats will not be the same dog that was not trained at all or even initially trained for fighting.

-Strong– They are large, powerful, strong-willed and need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, so apartment living isn’t the ideal situation for them. They need the house with plenty of space outside for running, playing and training. The best idea to have at least one more friend of large breed for him to interact daily and to avoid becoming bored. If they are living alone in house with no enough exercises and interaction, they may become bored, anxious, and destructive if their needs are not met.


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As with dogs of any breed, you should keep up with regular vet checkups, keep their teeth clean, and groom them as needed. They should have their ears checked weekly and their nails trimmed monthly.



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The reason it isĀ bannedĀ in some countries due to its strong and dominate temperament because of which they are used in dog fighting rings. But it is not natural for them to want to fight, but some people train them to do so anyway because of their strength and courageous nature. For this reason Dogo Argentinos have been deemed dangerous and banned in several countries, including Australia, the Cayman Islands, Denmark, Fiji, Iceland, Singapore, all Europe, UK and Ukraine.

This dog is not a dog for novice owners! Ā But if you can deal with some of their requirements most of the Dogo Argentinos, despite their reputation and muscular appearance, are good pets.

AreĀ YOUĀ the right owner for an Argentine Dogo?

Can you provide what this breed needs?

1) Fenced yard (6-8 feet high, not an electronic/underground fence)

2) Preferably No small dogs in the household

3) No cats in the household

4) For puppies-restricted exercise until maturity (at least 18 months old), exercise restricted to multiple short (20 minute) walks, fetch games, and playing with other dogs, no forced running (beside a jogger or bicyclist), no long-distance treks, minimal jumping

5) Enough exercise after maturity ā€“ enough ongoing exercise that your Dogo Argentino stays slim and is tired enough to sleep

6) Training/Mental exercise ā€“ interesting activities that keep the mind stimulated, such as a challenging dog sport (agility, rally obedience, tracking, schutzhund, weight pulling); challenging dog toys; a homemade obstacle course; tricks and games such as Musical Toys and Hide ‘n Seek;

7) An indoor lifestyle, except for exercise and bathroom breaks

8) An owner with enough money to treat the health problems Dogo Argentino are prone to

9)Socialization ā€“ introducing your Dogo to lots of people and other animals, diligently correcting any signs of misbehavior or aggression

10) Establishing the right Leader-Follower relationship with your Dogo Argentino, teaching him to listen to you and do what you say



If you like this breed why should buy aĀ Dogo ArgentinoĀ puppy for sale if you canĀ AdoptĀ and Save a life?

In Cyprus despite the ban of import and export of this breed there are many Dogos that are waiting to be adopted from Cyprus Dog Shelters who were abandoned by irresponsible owners for different reasons. Whatever reason could exist-it is not a dogā€™s fault.

Owners often give up their Dogo to shelters when it becomes apparent that the dog is too much for them to handle- too much exercise, or due to dominance, aggression, or shyness issues.

You would need to provide these dogs with the exercise, training, and socialization that they are lacking to avoid such situation in case of adoption.


Adoption procedure may be slightly different but generally the Homecheck and Adoption fee Ā (may be different) apply to cover part of the main expenses of the Rescuer for:





-Sometimes some health analyses might be included in the adoption package (depends on the amount of the package) but also allows the Rescuer to keep doing their job.

As soon as you have been approved by the Rescuer for the adoption of the specific dog you may proceed to adoption by signing the necessary Adoption agreement/Terms of Adoption, pay the adoption fee and take the dog to his new home. The dog will be registered at Cyprus Vet Services under your name and you will become the legal owner of the Dog.



The Rescuer must be sure that you have satisfied living condition for the specific breed/type of the dog that supposes you to have plenty of space outside, fence, and sleeping place for the dog and to avoid giving the dog for wrong purposes others thanĀ  as a family dog.

Sometimes even after homecheck šŸ”there is a chance of failing the adoption for the reasons of not being ready for changing living conditions after the dog came in and impatience to provide necessary training and to give the dog time to adapt to new home.

For this reason you are advised to visit the place of dog temporary living plenty of times, walk the dog, make more relationship with the dog, give him treats whenever you come until the adoption date so the dog will trust you and show his loyalty to you in return for the love you will give to the dog. This will minimize any risk of failing the adoption, which the Rescuer and you normally need to avoid.


You might find a Dogo Argentino for adoption from the below Rescuers in Cyprus which are available now:

Dog Valley Rescue Center

  1. Carmen is a lovely big girlšŸ˜. Friendly with people. We would like to see her in the same home with Carlos. They live all their life together and it is too shame to seperate them. Not cat friendly. CARMEN-DOGO ARGENTINO 

    2) and Carlos -Carlos is a big teddy bearšŸ». He loves humans, water and playing with toys. We would like to see him in the same home with Carmen. They live all their life together and it is too shame to seperate them. Not cat friendly.

    My Pet World Store What do you know about the Breed as Dogo Argentino? https://mypetworldstore.com/what-do-you-know-about-the-breed-as-dogo-argentino/

Amochostos Dog RescuersSnowy- is a 3,5 year old Dogo Argentino is ready for adoption. She is in foster home and is looking for her forever family. Snow is very good with dogs, cats and lovely with children.
She is such a cuddle girlšŸ˜.
She had a rough past but never gave up and continues to love peopleĀ .
She is toilet trained and very socialized, as well as well behaved out in public.
For more information send a messageĀ  to Amochostos Dog Rescuers.
She is given with an adoption package.
Home checkšŸ” will be applied and rescue back up included.


šŸ™„Whatever dog you choose from the Rescuer you will Save a LifeĀ šŸ’—of not only this specific dog but also of the dog who is still roaming on the streets now and need help urgently.

Below you can see Dogo Argentino that was rescued by us and happily rehomedšŸ˜ with adoption package to very good family. Open your heart for others dogs still waiting there in sheltersšŸ’—šŸ•

Doga at Home
Doga at Home

My Pet World Store What do you know about the Breed as Dogo Argentino Doga sleeping









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