Lilies' Cathouse
home shelter for street cats and dogs in Cyprus

🐈The third and unusual animal welfare charity we would like to introduce to you is not an official shelter and it is run and supported by only a few people. It is named Cat House of Lillie’s🐈 for the honor of the first woman with incredible kind heart who started the project of feeding stray cats in Limassol shortly after arriving on the island of Cyprus about 20 years ago and also other women with the same name Lily who occasionally were doing the same thing.

As from 2005 Lily started to rescue sick kittens and treat them, she kept 70 cats🐈 at her home, was feeding stray cats at Limassol tourist area and also was going to Troodos mountains to feed the cat colony there.

In 2013 another girl also named Lily was doing the same thing (she had then 60 cats at home and was feeding 200 stray cats in Limassol) met the first Lily, they became friends and joined their force in helping stray cats. There are also other volunteers who helped them in their efforts to feed and rescue the Cyprus cats in need.

As from 2016 they managed to rent the house🏡 in a small village of Limassol where it is safe area for cats and where second Lily still lives and cares now alone of about 200 cats, 50 kittens 🐈and 8 dogs🐕.

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cat shelter supported by volunteers to maintain 250 cats and 8 dogs

There are no cages and kennels as in other shelters. Most  animals are free at home and outside the house territory 🏡where they are cared by one very special girl named Lily.

As from beginning the shelter was run by people who started it – first Lily and her husband Vladimir and volunteers who helped them. They managed to maintain it all from their own funds 💰for many years and didn’t ask for any financial help ever.

But lately, from last year 2019 due to the serious illness and problems with work of the main sponsors , the shelter for the first time faced the economic problem which drained their pockets completely, and now they are in need of help and support so the animals don’t get back to the streets… It’s hard to ask for help but they are struggling every month to pay the rent and feed the animals. Nothing is left for the veterinary help and the debt at the vet is already so high that the credit is not given by vets anymore…

The shelter maintains the Facebook page:⬇



and an Instagram account:⬇
https://www.instagram.com/lilis_cathouse/ ,

where you can see animals under their care and to learn about their current needs.

At this difficult time the only hope for the shelter is to find people👨👩, who would regularly support them so that they could rely on them. Any help🙏 is counted and meaningful and it doesn’t really matter how much anyone could donate, they will be grateful for any help. Regular little donations are the main source of funding in most of the shelters.

You could choose any cat or dog from their big collection and become their personal sponsor💰. This will help much to provide food for the cats🐈 and dogs🐕 and shelter will be able to provide the necessary medical treatments to the ones who needs urgent vet help.

If you wish to donate🎁 you can do it by the following means:⬇

through PayPal: lily@lilyscathouse.com


send money to the following bank requisites:

IBAN: CY34 0050 0255 0002 5501 6493 0601

Or use transfer of funds by Revolut card to the following number -004747740309 Lebedeva Katya

If you would rather support in other way or you prefer to donate food/things for pets, please contact them

by phone:  +357 97803121 (Lily)

or by email: lilymelnyk@yahoo.com

They will be grateful😃 for food and medicine donations for the animals they care and they will be glad to tell you more and get to know each other personally.

💕Thank you on behalf of all cats and dogs under Lily’s care!

☝Always remember that any purchase done🛒 on our website is dedicated to help the animal welfare organisations🐈🐕 we mention here. If you like to make purchase for the benefit of the specific shelter (for example for Cat House of Lillie’s- please mention it in comments while placing the order and the profit will go to the selected shelter).

My Pet World Store Cat House of Lillie’s https://mypetworldstore.com/?p=8559
Thanks for helping cats in need!
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