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How to feed a PICKY dog?

My Pet World Store How to feed a PICKY dog?

this article is from personal experience of our followerThis article is from personal experience of our follower

🤷‍♀️“I don’t know who is responsible for calling picky eaters fussy.
There are even special kibbles for picky dogs sold in the supermarkets.
Being an owner of a picky eating Japanese Chin and armed with a medical degree, I
decided to figure this out.

☝But first things first.

Prior to that, I have tried all available dog food in the supermarket (dry, wet, etc) to try
and pin point the one, which my dog would eat with an appetite. No luck. She didn’t eat

I tried cooking natural food (chicken, cabbage, carrot – everything boiled with a bit of
porridge added).

She ate that. But only when it was freshly cooked. The same food from the fridge
remained untouched. What was the matter?🤷‍♀️

Some “experts” advised giving wine🍷 to my dog (which you should never do), others
advised to stuff food down her throat, others advised to add butter to her food, which
can promote upset stomachs in dogs…
In addition, in the morning my dog would often throw up white foam with a mixture of

Constantly going to the vets significantly emptied my wallet💰 and there was still no result
in improved appetite.

But lets think outside of the box:  if the dog isn’t eating, she is probably in pain🙄.
The fact is that small decorative dogs often have the gastrointestinal tract poorly
developed, especially the pancreas, and therefore there is a failure in a production
of enzymes, which help with digesting of food or the excess of gastric juice.

Therefore, I decided to give my dog 2ml of phosphalugel (sold at the pharmacy), it is
sweet and the dog enjoyed taking it from the syringe. Oh, miracle!😮😃 In some 20 minutes
my dog started eating the entire portions prepared for her.

After a meal a pancreatin must be given (for a dog weighing 3 kg – the third part of the pill),
which will allow better digest food.

Since then, we have not had any problems with food. I would give pancreatin after each
meal (and fed the dog morning and evening), and phosphalugel only when I saw that
something bothered her or when she did not eat at all (it was already extremely rare,
mainly in spring and autumn, when usually there are aggravations of gastritis).
Unfortunately, dogs 🐕often fall into our good hands abandoned, sick, and neglected.
They need to be treated well so there will be no ground for being picky”
👩By A.G.

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